Spoiler Alert!

This is a warning. I used to post the obligatory spoiler alert notice at the beginning of every one of my articles on this site, but it became a bit tedious; I needed to post a spoiler alert on just about every one of my articles. So instead of continuing that tradition, I’m going to explain here and now what to be aware of when reading my articles and why spoilers are necessary.

Any one of the articles on this site is likely to discuss minor or major plot details in the game or games (or movies or whatever) it’s about. I don’t write traditional video game or movie reviews on this site, so if that’s what you came here to find, you may get a lot of what you don’t want — plot spoilers — and very little of what you do want — a consumer-focused product review.

Something out of Something tends to be sort of a one-way book club … except I don’t typically write about books for some reason. Primarily, I write about some aspect of a video game and what I think about that feature. Often, this feature is or relates to the way the game tells it’s story, so plot details tend to be crucial to the discussion.

Like a book club requires you to actually read the book in order to understand what the heck everyone’s talking about, my writing makes a lot more sense if you’ve played at least some of the game in question (or watched the TV show or movie). You can definitely read it without having touched the game, and I try to explain any necessary concepts in a way that allows readers to understand without having shared my experiences. Also, I tend to at least mention in passing that I had fun playing a game, and I think sometimes my enthusiasm for a great game is obvious in the way I write about it, so I guess you can treat my writing as a sort of review if you want. But if you really want to participate in the article and have an informed opinion when you slog through my writing, you should probably just play the game first — at least some of it.

Video games have made some significant strides recently in terms of the quality of stories they tell. Oddly, playing video games over the years is almost like watching an aspiring fiction writer grow up — a few years ago, the narrative quality was so poor you were sometimes ashamed you even owned a copy. But now, you can see potential underneath the unpolished product.

That maturation is fun to see in games, and I want to participate in that growth by writing about what works and what doesn’t. I think the fact that people are willing to discuss how a game is trying to make you feel or what kind of story it’s trying to tell will only encourage more development in that department. But I can’t have that discussion and tiptoe around spoilers the whole time.

So there’s your one and only spoiler alert. I hope you managed to stick with me through this extremely nerdy and hopefully not too pretentious rant. Enjoy the Something out of Something.


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