Who is this guy?

I’m Josh — I’m a writer who spends way too much time playing video games. I have a degree in English and spent a lot of that time studying literature and narrative structure.

For some reason, I decided to apply this knowledge to video games, television, and movies. Video games are particularly exciting to me because their interactivity allows them to tell stories in ways that television can’t. It’s fun to see developers experiment with new ways to explore this interactivity.

I like to discuss how game mechanics and narratives are related, call attention to the ways certain games tell stories, and make fun of bad television and movies. So if you like any of that, check in on my site from time to time. I typically write new articles every other Friday.

To check out what’s going on with me in less than 140 characters, follow me on Twitter @Anechoic04

To listen to live commentary and watch me struggle through games, check out my Twitch channel at Twitch.tv/anechoic4.


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