Sleeping Dogs Game Diary

In the very merry month of August while I waited for Madden 13 to release, (I’ll totally shut up about Madden now) I decided to try out the one interesting game of the summer, Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs. It looked relatively interesting and I was in the mood for some Grand Theft Auto-type action adventure, […]

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Your Show Sucks: White Collar

Welcome, welcome, to a new feature for this marvelous carnival I call my website. I’ll get straight to the point – being positive is boring. What’s far more interesting in this postmodern world is to dislike the things that you and others like you enjoy, and then to go on about you why I should […]

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Pandarium Pandemonium

Is it just me, or is World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria the most racist, uninspired expansion in the history of expansions? (That was some obscure criteria, sure.) Why is this allowed to exist? Does hiring a creative team of six year-olds who work for juice boxes show just how easy it is to make […]

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